This site includes the Programming Lectures by Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVEN which have been compiled on several different courses related to  Computer Engineering courses related for engineers. It is essential for all engineers to have understanding of computer and IT Related courses and this website mainly focuses on programming lectures. These lectures have been prepared mainly for undergraduate and graduate students and they can be used as programming lectures for variety of courses. The lectures include Introduction to Information Technology Systems, FORTRAN Programming Lectures, MATLAB Coding Lectures, Coding Lectures for Engineers and Parallel Computing and High Performance Computing Lectures. 

The lectures have been designed to be introductory to courses related to IT and computer engineering and especially programming and coding. FORTRAN courses are especially targeted toward engineering students from different engineering disciplines such as Aerospace Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. There are thousands of ready written codes available for these disciplines and you can use the FORTRAN lectures at this website to understand those codes and modify them accordingly. Whenever possible, information about the new Visual FORTRAN platforms will be provided to allow the student to understand the particular interface to make it easier. Furthermore, links to various FORTRAN compilers are also provided at this website.

Furthermore, you can use the concepts in MATLAB to write short scripts to solve engineering problems and you can use the Parallel Computing Lectures to crate special algorithms in your codes which will allow you to shorten the code execution time which will allow you to run complex 3D codes for engineering problems with ease using multi-core systems. Parallel Computing Lectures section has been designed to be a separate programming lectures section to be studied after reviewing the fundamentals.

You can download the PDF files and you can use the forum at this website to ask any questions that you have that you dont understand. For interested students, it is also possible for us to provide special assignments to help them to augment their knowledge. In addition, you can use the tab labeled IT News to get updates on the developments related to the IT field and new coding algorithms and new hardware designs that may come out. From time to time, we will try to update about the newest developments in Artificial Intelligence related applications as well.

In time, lectures related to older coding languages such as Visual Basic, Pascal and COBOL would be added for students who are looking for knowledge in older coding languages. In case you are interested in any other programming language lectures and tutorials, please contact us.

You can contact us at info@programming-lectures.com for further information or for further assistance.

You can also contact Dr Ugur GUVEN for any collaboration and research opportunities.