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FORTRAN Lectures

You can find the FORTRAN Lectures by Dr Guven below. FORTRAN is still the preferred language for academic research, engineering calculations and technical coding. You can read more about FORTRAN programming language and its applications in engineering here. You can download Fortran compiler free of charge from Silverfrost from here (Download FORTRAN). FORTRAN is actively used in all fields of engineering and especially in Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as well as in many other fields.

Please study each lecture consecutively as each lecture is designed to complement the next lecture. These FORTRAN lectures have been designed as per Fortran F95.

Introduction to Algorithms and Flowcharts for Programming

Introduction to Fundamentals of FORTRAN Programming

Introduction to Subroutines and Functions in FORTRAN Programming

Introduction to Sorting Algorithms in FORTRAN Programming



Fortran 90 Reference Book

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